Precision rifle barrels to your specification made in the UK

RPA barrels are made using 416R stainless steel on our custom UNISIG 600 sp-rc gun drill, reamer CNC and our UNISIG R-2A TWIN hydraulic ram rifling CNC. Before each barrel is buttoned we deep drill our barrels and ream them to a determined bore size and this allows the rifle button a perfect ratio to allow a perfectly formed bore and rifling.  We then prelap the barrels, after reaming, to remove even the slightest tooling mark.  We then use the R-2A which coats the inside bore and the carbide button with a special lubricant that ensures smooth forming of the rifling and bore, and increased uniformity of the rifling twist during the rifling process.

After this process the barrel blank is then stress relieved using our fully calibrated heat treatment oven. Once this is done, we  move onto the profiling of the barrel blank on our Harrison m400 CNC profiling lathe with the confidence that it will not warp or alter bore size as we remove material.

Each buttoned barrel is then painstakingly hand lapped to create an ultra-uniform finish and dimension along the whole bore which we check using our Precision Gage and Tool Co. air gauge and visually inspected with our Hawkeye precision bore scope . This creates a smooth surface finish on the inside which greatly reduces copper and carbon build up as the firearm is shot and hence greater accuracy over longer periods. The barrels then go to inspection and then into the shipping department.

We cater for most calibres and twists with our extensive stock of buttons, and carry around 2000 barrel blanks in our inventory.

Should  you require a special twist rate or bore size we can cater for this due to the large inventory and we believe that we are able to beat our competitors with greatly reduced lead and delivery times.

Our services


R.P.A BARRELS are pleased to offer a full rebarreling service to your existing rifle or to quote a full custom build.


We offer a fluting service on all our barrels with several fluting designs available or can flute a barrel to your design.

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