RPA BARRELS are pleased to offer a full rebarreling service to your existing rifle or to quote a full custom build.All of our barrelling is done using a new CYCLEMATIC CTL-618EVS manual centre lathe with full muzzle fed oil flush and insure the barrel is trued chamber and muzzle end with zero run out using a 4 jaw chuck and rear fully adjustable spider,all our chambers are cut by hand and not cnc as we believe this is the only way to ensure the truest chamber that can be cut and allows  the ultimate feel for what the reamer is doing.We can chamber for any rifle cartridge from .17 upto 50cal and specialise in wildcat chamberings and work closely with several custom reamer manufactures so are able to also offer chamberings to customers designs as well as custom throating depths etc . Please go to the pricing page for costs.

Current Calibres and Twists Available

Calibre                               Twist

 .223                                   10, 12, 16.5

 .243                                   10

 .6mm                                 7, 8

   6.5                                   7, 8, 9

 .308 / 7.62                         10, 11, 12, 13

 .338                                   9 Left, 9 Right

 0.50 BMG                           15



6.5 Creedmoor


12.7 x 108

416 Barrett


6.5 x 55 swe

50 cal Throat reamer

22 Creedmoor